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Ingenu Launches Los Angeles IoT Network

December 01, 2016

Los Angeles is a hotbed of Internet of Things activity. And this week Ingenu announced that its L.A. area IoT network is now up and running.

“Los Angeles is outpacing the market in terms of IoT solution development,” said Tom Gregor, president and general manager of Machine Network at Ingenu. “From manufacturing and smart technologies to wearables and transportation applications, Los Angeles has the resources, culture, and infrastructure to support a thriving IoT network.”

GTX Corp. is one user of the Ingenu IoT network in L.A. This company is an IoT platform provider that specializes in personal location and monitoring, and wandering assistive, solutions. GTX will employ the Ingenu network to deliver its GPS SmartSole tracking solution, which includes a device users can place in the insole of shoes to track people with Alzheimer’s disease, autism, dementia, and other conditions impacting their memory. There are more than 100 million people who require oversight due to such challenges, according to GTX.

Ingenu plans to reach more than 100 major metropolitan areas with its networks by the end of next year. Other Ingenu cities include Atlanta; Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Ind.; Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, Fla.; New Orleans; Phoenix; Salt Lake City; and parts of South Africa.

To date, the company’s Machine Network covers more than 100,000 square miles.

John Horn

Ingenu is positioning its networks, which are based on a technology called Random Phase Multiple Access, as an alternative to cellular, and to

LPWA networks like LoRa and SIGFOX. With RPMA, one access point on a tower can cover up to 200 square miles, and endpoints have a battery life of 10 years, according to Ingenu CEO John Horn. The company also says that RPMA has the highest available bandwidth of any technology with 80MHz available worldwide; Ingenu says other LPWA technologies offer just 1.25 to 15 percent of that.

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