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Voxbone Highlights PM Group, Global User of DID

October 12, 2016

Global provider of virtual local phone numbers, also known as direct inward dialing numbers, recently released a short profile of one of its use cases: its assistance of global engineering and construction management company PM Group.

PM Group exists as more than just a construction company, though it has a reputation for offering a high quality of service to its clients. More than that, it is a shining example of how a single company can exist in multiple countries and handle thousands of employees while also allowing many of them to work from home and participate in conference calls from any one of the company offices. Its 18 locations across the globe contain more than 2,100 employees who have all seen the effect DID numbers can have on a distributed workforce.

Voxbone pointed out in this feature that the use of audio- and videoconferencing equipment can allow businesses to work from any corner of any country where there is either an internet connection of phone service. The article also points out that maintaining a distributed workforce can present the challenge of choosing a conferencing infrastructure that will not fail, no matter how small the call taking place.

Voxbone, accordingly, says that it can fill that gap and be as reliable as customers expect. It offers virtual local numbers to clients such as PM Group so those clients can give their employees the option of dialing a local number when trying to reach a conference call. Although the use of internet connections can sometimes supplant phone-based connections, the use of basic calling still remains essential to workers in any profession.

PM Group uses Voxbone to handle the infrastructure necessary for its daily conference calls. Teams can set up their own calls and participate, it was said, “as if they were around the same table.” This type of personalization can mean the world to teams that need to feel like they are in the same place so no details of a conversation get lost in translation. This detail-oriented approach compliments Voxbone’s efforts in emergency calling and shows why partnerships with resellers continue to arise for the DID provider.

Voxbone noted that the portion of workers in the U.S. who telecommute has risen 103 percent since 2005. This trend is not expected to subside, which is great news for Voxbone’s presence in 59 countries that it hopes to sustain. PM Group is but one of the clients Voxbone holds under its wing, but it represents many who fall into the same circumstances. Businesses are not afraid to become global entities when they have the assurance that their operations will continue to be efficient, even in the face of the distribution of their employees. Voxbone’s latest feature suggests that, with the right voice infrastructure, global companies have nothing to fear.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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