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TMCNet:  Suburban crime log: 8-16 [The Blade, Toledo, Ohio :: ]

[August 16, 2014]

Suburban crime log: 8-16 [The Blade, Toledo, Ohio :: ]

(Blade (Toledo, OH) Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Aug. 16--Click here to view The Blade'?s interactive crime log.

Bedford Township Burglaries William Meyer, unknown person broke in garage of residence in 7400 block of Wilfred, loss undetermined.

Michael Honingford, copper pipes and water heater from residence in 9000 block of Crabb.

Thefts Jeff Sartor, Ipod and GPS unit from vehicle at home in 7300 block of Danforth.

Jennifer Bossert, purse and contents from vehicle in 1600 block of Meadowbrook.

Michael Barnia, lawn decorations from front yard of residence in 6800 block of Sarah.

Holland Burglary Ann Grady Carter, unknown person broke in shed of business in 1600 block of Trade, loss undetermined.

Ida Township Burglary Colleen Moore, unknown person in residence in 3200 block of Lewis, no loss reported.

Jerusalem Township Burglary Gabriel Jones, TV and computer from residence in 11000 block of Dyke.

Maumee Burglaries David Mundwiler, tools from shed of residence in 2800 block of West Concourse.

Kevin Bowlby, handgun from residence in 6400 block of Millbrook.

Thefts Nina Cline, car radio equipment from vehicle in 6400 block of Glenhurst.

Beverly Settles, prescription eyeglasses from residence in 1000 block of Valley Grove.

Northwood Burglary Victor Leady, purse and contents from residence in 100 block of Farnstead.

Thefts Timothy Swartz, shotgun from residence in 1900 block of Tracy.

Michael McCarthy, East Union, Walbridge, bicycle from 2400 block of Oregon.

Paulette Redd, Whitlock, Toledo, cash from 2400 block of Oregon.

Oregon Burglary John Pierson, unknown person broke in home in 1400 block of Eastland, no loss reported.

Thefts Anna Jordan, 2000 block of Autokee, medication from 1700 block of South Wheeling.

Tabitha Gerathy 1900 block of Pickle, dog from 1900 block of Woodville.

United States Postal Service, 3000 block of Dustin, mail from mailbox in 1900 block of North Stadium, mail was later recovered.

Terry Anglow, mail from mailbox at home in 5400 block of Bay Shore.

Robert Keech, cash from residence in 3900 block of Navarre.

Kenny Chan, handgun and cabinet from residence in 500 block of Parkway East.

Jean French, jewelry from residence in 2700 block of Pickle.

Brett Shinaver, golf clubs from 500 block of South Stephen.

Eastwyck Apartments, 3100 block of Corduroy, appliances from 3100 block Wick.

Mathew Materni, two all-terrains from trailer at home in 1800 block of Byron.

Gerry McCann, Starr, Toledo, prescription medication from vehicle in 3300 block of Navarre.

Gary Krueger, change, and keys from vehicle at home in 3700 block of Pickle.

David Miller, radio from vehicle at home in 1100 block of South Lallendorf.

James Steele, Greenwood, Toledo, wallet and contents from 2600 block of Navarre.

Carrine Demillio, credit cards from vehicle at home in 1500 block of South Lallendorf.

Tess Mosher, North Holland Sylvania, purse and contents from 3700 block of Navarre.

Gregory Clark, Curtice, East, Genoa, iPod from vehicle in 3000 block of Navarre.

Dennis Patrick, Delence, Toledo, iPhone from shopping cart in 3300 block of Navarre.

Perrysburg Thefts Joan Fitch and Mahammad Adas, change and prescription medication from vehicles at home in 900 block of Fawn.

Jorge Diaz, change, soccer bag, and soccer equipment from vehicle at home in 13000 block of Eckel Junction.

David Neely, shoes, clothing, hats, athletic equipment, duffel bag and contents from vehicle at home in 900 block of Hunters Run.

Perrysburg Township Burglary Robin Whitner, lawn equipment from residence in 10000 block of Ford.

Rossford Theft Stacey Luallen, FedEx package from front porch of residence in 800 block of Glenwood.

Washington Township Thefts Lance Kincaid, bicycle from residence in unit block of Moss Creek.

Aus-do, grass trimmers and blower back pack from storage in 100 block of Pine Ridge.

Swanton Township Burglaries Chaz Brown, Monclova Township, jewelry and cash from storage unit in 10000 block of Airport.

Paul Grandsko, Maumee, personal belongings from storage unit in 10000 block of Airport.

Wanda Redfox, personal belongings from storage unit in 10000 block of Airport.

Christia Luck, stereo equipment from storage unit in 10000 block of Airport.

Michael Langenderfer, jewelry from residence in 13000 block of Bancroft.

Theft Joseph and Jennifer Raker, Delta, Ohio, purse and contents from car in 13500 block of Airport.

Sylvania Burglaries Nancy Schroeder, laptop computer, TV, cash, purse and contents from residence in 5200 block of Olde Ridge.

Salha Mahmoud, assorted jewelry from residence in 7800 block of Erie.

Thefts Wendy Odenkirk, bicycle from front porch of residence in 7500 block of Erie.

Hope Miller, Maumee, Toledo, prescription medication from 5500 block of West Alexis.

Robin Bradshaw, purse from residence in 5900 block of Apple Meadow.

Sylvania Township Burglaries Michael Ragless, TVs, DVD player, and laptop computer from residence in 3200 block of Elmont.

Samantha Middlebrooks, DVD players, fish aquarium, assorted tools, and pit #8226 dog from residence in 7200 block of West Central.

Thefts Steak and Shake, cash from bank deposit pouch from business in 5300 block of Monroe.

Sandra Ceglarek, North Erie, Toledo, purses and contents from vehicle on Brint at Centennial.

M&M Construction Concept, 400 block of Front, Dumpster from 5500 block of West Central.

Whiteford Township Theft Margaret Miller, central air conditioning unit from residence in 6800 block of Highwarden.

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