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TMCNet:  Kandessa Announces Windows 8, Android Restaurant News App Release, Show 2013 Interactive Coverage and Special June Issue

[April 25, 2013]

Kandessa Announces Windows 8, Android Restaurant News App Release, Show 2013 Interactive Coverage and Special June Issue

BOSTON, MA, Apr 25, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- Digital Chain Pulse magazine's May Pizza & Technology issue will be released at the end of the month in the launch of Kandessa Web+Digital's National Restaurant News App(TM). The Restaurant News App will host Digital Chain Pulse and Eatery Pulse Magazine.

Additionally, it has officially launched its expanded, national, online trade news publication Chain Pulse Magazine at

Chain Pulse Magazine and Digital Chain Pulse coverage of the NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show 2013 will be appear online and in its web-interactive and mobile edition in June. The June special issue, which follows the Pizza & Technology issue in May, will now be powered on Windows 8, in addition to the Android and iOS versions already announced.

Using interactive features, like its social and online news channels, including Vimeo, Twitter and Google+, hashtags, and more, industry readers will submit story ideas and shape the coverage each week in advance of NRA Show 2013, which starts May 18.

"Informed, inspired foodservice news & insights, powered by you.

Web+Digital." "Staying true to our slogan, this will be more our most interactive coverage yet, just before our four-year anniversary," says Rick Zambrano, director, Kandessa Digital. "Emerging Millennial chain restaurant execs and established industry leaders benefit by being able to shape our coverage regularly and because of the free access to our content, infused with our inside-angle and available in the palm of their hands." Interactive coverage starts on Kandessa's slideshare: Compelling news and marketplace value proposition in the palm of restaurateurs' hands A growing number of restaurateurs, chain executives and independent operators are accessing Kandessa's management-oriented information services and marketplace solutions. Kandessa's own observations and research concludes the reasons for its hyper-accelerated readership growth: -- Chain restaurant execs, managers and independent owners want a sustainable format for receiving their news and information services, not volumes of paper.

-- Industry leaders want easy, quick access to trade news, not double or triple registration processes as has been the case in the past.

-- Marketers to the restaurant industry want digital lead generation, not numbers or commoditized ads. Because only 20 percent of existing B2B markers are satisfied with their ad campaigns, according to industry authority Corporate Visions, more of them are looking for innovative solutions to break the status quo and negative trends. Already, more than third of 80 percent not completely satisfied blame poor B2B content for their woes.

"We're humbled by our annual 100% growth rate in readership," adds Zambrano. "And we're committed to offering a truly customized, unique readership experience, that is both informative and social, to inspire and support industry leaders." By integrating marketing and restaurant support services and rolling out +social next month, Kandessa looks forward to be the marketing and media partner of choice. The Eatery Pulse digital edition on the Restaurant News App has been reset to mid-May.

How to access coverage and use Kandessa's marketing services Insiders (Kandessa's super-subscribers) start their readership journey at Readers subscribe because they know they'll access weekly information services and notifications of available downloads and new digital issues. Once they become Insiders, they authenticate themselves, upon the Restaurant News App release, to download Digital Chain Pulse issues.

Marketers to the foodservice industry, looking to break the status quo and leverage Kandessa's aggregate reach of over 5,000 monthly readers for lead generation, will visit

They'll feel empowered knowing most solutions average less than $500 per quarter.

Ad & branding orders for the special June issue have a deadline of May 23, 2013. Order acceptance for the May issue expires April 26.

About Kandessa ondemand and Web+Digital foodservice news magazines Kandessa's Web+Digital is the foodservice industry's answer to informed, inspired news and insights. Tracking the trends that matter to top chain and independent executives, Web+Digital foodservice trade publications are powered by you, the foodservice director, owner, manager or franchisee.

Kandessa Digital information services brand provides multifaceted business intelligence to foodservice management across Boston to Los Angeles. Through its national publication, Chain Pulse Magazine, and Web+Digital editions of Eatery Pulse Magazine for New England, nearly 100,000 foodservice directors, owners and managers will access information and services to run better businesses in 2013.

Kandessa ondemand creates compelling, engaging, and informative content in the foodservice channel. Marketing clients access a range of solutions across a cumulative 20 product and service categories to run better businesses as a result of Kandessa's proven capabilities, including informed, inspired custom content, digital and advertorial publications and content marketing solutions for enterprises in the foodservice channel.

Rick Zambrano Email Contact SOURCE: Kandessa Media id=3036024245FC9886

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